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SketchUpProWEN.exe 64 Bit [Updated-2022]




The section above shows how to change the shortcut to show the "old" icon.. **Why do the different models have different names?** Models within the same series (i.e., 3D Studio Max for example) are referred to by their model number. As such, they are not displayed in the menu with different names. The reason they have different names is simply because the series number is the same in all models. For example, the model named My SketchUp Pro 1.0 has the same series number as My SketchUp Pro 1.1, which in turn is the same as My SketchUp Pro 2.0. In all of these cases, the 3D model file names are My SketchUp Pro 1.0, My SketchUp Pro 1.1, and My SketchUp Pro 2.0. As such, the models were renamed when released in order to maintain consistency. **How do I get to the My Scenes folder?** This link will take you to the My Scenes folder, which contains subfolders for the sections of SketchUp Pro. **Why can't I open the file I want to save?** It may be a permissions issue. With the Windows File Manager, use the following steps to get permissions to save and open files. **1.** Click **Start** to open the Start menu. **2.** Click **Computer** to open the Control Panel. **3.** Click **Folder** in the left pane of the Control Panel. **4.** In the right pane of the Control Panel, click **Folder Options**. **5.** Click the **General** tab at the top of the Folder Options window. **6.** Select the **Open folders and files in the following locations** item. **7.** Click **OK**. **8.** Click **Apply** to close the Control Panel window. **9.** Click the **Start** button to close the Start menu. **10.** Open the file you want to save. **11.** Right-click the file in the File Manager, and then click **Properties**. **12.** Click the **Permissions** tab. **13.** Select the




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SketchUpProWEN.exe 64 Bit [Updated-2022]

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